Should You Try It, Too?

Christina Haack has done some memorable makeovers on “Christina on the Coast”—so it’s no surprise when some of her old clients contact her to renovate more of their house.

In the Season 4 episode “Boho Industrial Bathroom,” Haack meets up with past clients Miguel and Sabrina. In Season 3, Haack had renovated their kitchen and living room with such great results that the couple now want her to redo their master suite.

Sabrina describes their style as “modern, earthy, minimalist”; but above all, they want their master suite to match the kitchen so the house looks like it was renovated all at once, rather than piece by piece.

Here’s how Haack puts her $70,000 budget to good use—and, along the way, commits a design crime in the loo that might catch on big-time. Check out what she’s done if you’re looking for some daring inspiration on what to do around your own home, too.

Make your bathroom tile complement the kitchen

Christina Haack designed this boho kitchen in Season 3.


From the beginning, Miguel and Sabrina know that they want their master suite to complement the kitchen, so when it comes time to pick out a shower tile, they home in on selections that echo the kitchen backsplash. Eventually, they narrow it down to two options: a distressed subway tile, and a square tile with varying colors that Haack describes as being “not too perfect.”

shower tile
This square shower tile looks chic and unique.


Both tiles have the same feel as the kitchen backsplash, but they’re certainly different looks. In the end, the couple pick the square.

“I really like the square tile, and I like the variation of color,” Sabrina says.

Once the tile is installed, Sabrina and Miguel love how it complements the kitchen.

“It has the same vibe but not the same look,” Miguel says of the tile.

Kitchen cabinets can work for a bathroom vanity

This bathroom certainly needed an update.


Sabrina and Miguel want to continue taking inspiration from the kitchen, so Haack offers to install the same cabinets she used in the kitchen for the bathroom vanity.

“I know how much you love those beautiful custom cabinets in the kitchen, so we have this,” Haack says, presenting the cabinet sample. “It’s a very classic look.”

This new vanity ends up looking just as lovely in the bathroom as it does in the kitchen. “Again, it carries downstairs and it doesn’t look like a separate home,” Sabrina says.

The new vanity looks the same as the kitchen cabinets.


A wood floor in the bathroom is actually possible

Sabrina and Miguel couldn’t decide on a new flooring, so they never replaced their carpet.


To finish this renovation, Miguel insists on using the same wood floor as downstairs. While the flooring would be consistent, Haack points out that in general, a wood floor in a bathroom is a bad idea.

“That flooring, there is always a risk of water damage,” Haack explains. “There’s a reason why a lot of people don’t do that is you have to be careful with the water.” 

Yet in this instance, Haack decides to break this cardinal design rule once her contractor Mike Rose points out that this flooring can be safely installed, as long as they use a special glue that provides a vapor barrier to resist water.

“The glue itself will stop any water that’s going to come through it,” Rose says.

Wood isn’t the typical choice for a bathroom, but it looks great.


Sabrina and Miguel agree to the wood and, in fact, they love it so much that they decide to run the flooring all through the second story. This costs a few thousand dollars extra, but the couple decide it’s worth it—and Haack agrees.

“I like how everything’s matching now,” Haack says. “Your house has become very cohesive; before it was mismatched.”

Who knows? Maybe Haack’s unconventional design move could start a new trend of wood floors in many more bathrooms than this one.

Add texture to your plain closet doors

These mirrored closet doors were dated.


Haack knows that when it comes to bathroom design, it’s all about the details, so she pays special attention to the closet doors, where she cleverly adds some basket weave material to the front.

“Adding a basket-weave front is a really great way to incorporate Sabrina’s earthy boho style to what would normally be just a basic closet door,” Haack says.

It’s a smart upgrade that doesn’t cost a lot, and it can add a bit of texture to a clean, modern bathroom like this one.

Haack gave this closet a big upgrade on the cheap.


Don’t settle for a typical barn door

bathroom door
The master suite desperately needed a bathroom door.


To finish the suite, Haack suggests installing a barn door to separate the newly painted bedroom from the elegant new bathroom.

“We should do a barn door right here so you guys have some privacy,” Haack says. “Something that’s not your typical barn door, but has the style of the bathroom.”

Sabrina and Miguel like this idea, so they meet with Haack’s farm door fabricator to create something unique. They decide on a diamond design in a medium-tone wood that won’t blend in with the light wood flooring.

Once the door is installed, it gives Sabrina and Miguel some privacy while adding a punch of style to their fabulous new boho bedroom.

“It’s the best barn door I’ve ever seen—ever, ever, ever,” Haack says.

bathroom door
This is the “best” barn door Haack has ever seen.