Pamplin Media Group – How to remake your kitchen quickly and affordably

Sponsored story by Granite Transformations. Granite Transformations in Beaverton can install your kitchen makeover in just five day.

(Image is Clickable Link) White KitchenDan Lappin of Granite Transformations in Beaverton said a lot has changed in the 18 years he has been in business. “We started out installing just countertops, and over the years added backsplashes, showers, then cabinets and under cabinet lighting,” Lappin said. “Now we do everything but flooring and the dishes.” While most kitchen remodels require permits, electricians, plumbers and months to complete, Granite Transformations in Beaverton can install your kitchen makeover in just five days. A Granite Transformations makeover will also cost 40% less than a total kitchen remodel. How is this possible?

Granite Transformations surfaces are installed right over the existing countertops or cabinets. Cabinet refacing replaces the fronts on doors and drawers without replacing the entire cabinet, saving time money and materials. Granite Transformations’ quartz, granite and recycled glass countertops are installed over your existing countertop with a minimum of mess, money and time. It’s also an ecofriendly choice since the simple no-demolition process prevents countless tons of materials from entering landfills. Not just kitchens, but bathrooms, garages or even RVs and boats can benefit from installations.

“Granite Transformations aims to utilize your investment as much as possible,” Lappin said. “We look at what you have and work hard to maintain the flow of your space as much as possible.” A face-to-face, in-home consultation with a designer who will bring samples of all their finishes begins the process. The homeowner can “see the samples of quartz, granite and recycled glass in their own kitchen lighting, which is very important,” Lappin said, adding that the designer will show everything from sinks to hardware options. “The designer will create a vision for your kitchen. It will look very different. It will look all new.”

Some installation of countertops or backsplashes by Granite Transformations professionals can take as little as a day. A larger installation of refaced cabinets, sink and countertops will take a little longer. Their aim is to make your installation as pleasant as possible and provide outstanding customer service. To help their customers see the possibilities, Granite Transformations has created an online visualizer at See how your space can be transformed into your dream kitchen or bath with the endless design options offered for baths and kitchens. Lappin wants Home and Garden Granite Transformations in Beaverton can install your kitchen makeover in just five days.

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