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Terrazzo flooring is one of the most popular floor types in recent years – the trend has come from almost nowhere to sit alongside marble and parquet as the sought after look of the moment. It has, however, been used for centuries. From humble beginnings, it is now loved by design afficionados for its eco-credentials and it’s many fabulous designs and styles.

Love Terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo Resin Pisani tiles, Love Terrazzo

(Image credit: Love Terrazzo)

What is terrazzo and terrazzo flooring tiles?

Terrazzo is created by forcing marble segments and binders together under huge presses. There are two types, cement terrazzo which is at it sounds, a combination of cement and marble pieces, and resin terrazzo which is marble pieces combined with resin. Cement terrazzo tiles are limited to marble pieces of up to 25mm and Resin or Congolmerate terrazzo can have marble pieces of up to 150mm because it is much stronger than the cement version.