This 9/11, Revisit Jason Bermas’ Critical Documentaries “Loose Change” and “Fabled Enemies”

Some interviews just write themselves. That rarity occurs when the interviewee is powerful and knowledgeable, relevant, compassionate, accomplished, fun, and most of all, a complete original. Hmmm … you mean someone like Jason Bermas, the independent journalist and documentary filmmaker? Exactly!

Jason Bermas co-produced and edited the Internet-documentary sensation questioning the official 9/11 narrative titled Loose Change: The Final Cut back in 2007. He also wrote, directed and narrated the followup documentary about the 9/11 cover-ups titled Fabled Enemies in 2008. Watch them for free at

Jason moved from upstate New York to Bettendorf, Iowa, a little over a year ago, and we’re lucky to have such a talented and passionate info warrior right here in River City!

[Please see the companion piece to this article, Have Our Freedoms Fallen Faster Than the Third Tower on 9/11? by Reader publisher Todd McGreevy. And, please see the Reader’s coverage of Loose Change from 2006, The Secret Histories of 9/11.] 

It is probably fair to say it takes someone raised in New York to possess the savvy, tenacity, and sheer audacity to confront the unpalatable controversies that plague 9/11, and even more courage to navigate its depravity on many levels. Make no mistake: It is shattering to learn members of your government engaged in monstrous acts. It is also lonely.

Channeling such deep emotions into coherent, compelling storytelling is a gift. Whether producing documentaries, live-casting on YouTube, or calling mixed-martial-arts fights full of trivia and detail, Bermas has that gift. His alluring, deeply resonant voice contributes a lot, as does his animated yet measured persona. He is seriously credible because he sources everything as he goes, appealing to those of us who still understand that evidence matters.

This dedication to evidence, all found in the public record, including mainstream-media accounts and publicly available government documents, is precisely why Loose Change: The Final Cut and its followup documentary Fabled Enemies are the quintessential films that shine bright sunlight on the official media narrative’s and U.S. government’s 9/11 Commission Report’s glaring inadequacies.

Some of the more controversial and/or unexplained events of 9/11 covered in Loose Change the Final Cut include: (1) three (not two) free-falling towers in a controlled demolition; (2) the lack of evidence at the Pennsylvania crash site (e.g. missing plane wreckage, bodies, luggage); (3) the bizarre lockdown by authorities of ground zero; (4) the lack of military support that day even though eerily similar defense simulations and drills were underway that very week, including NORAD’s Vigilant Guardian, Amalgam Virgo (simulating a jet flying from Alaska to crash into either the White House or Capitol), and Cheyenne Mountain, whose personnel continued to run drills from underground for 20 minutes after Flight 93 came down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, using many different phantom flights – planes seen on radar that weren’t actually there; (5) large pools of burning molten steel that burned for months at the base of where the towers once stood as observed by multiple witnesses and first responders (an impossibility at temperatures generated by jet fuel); and (6) massive pyroclastic clouds erupting from the towers as each collapsed that can only occur during two events: volcano eruptions and controlled demolitions. These events barely scratch the surface of 9/11 anomalies that have yet to be satisfactorily explained. Nor does this short list include the Pentagon’s equally confounding circumstances relative to the plane crash there.

Q: It’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and we consider you one of the world’s foremost experts on what happened through your research.
What do you think happened?

Bermas: “I don’t usually speculate too broadly on exactly how everything was pulled off because I think you put yourself in a hole. I don’t believe the official government narrative. I don’t think that 9/11 was an “inside job.” I think what the evidence shows is that you have an international intelligence operation with role players in Pakistan. With role players in Israel. With role players in Saudi Arabia. And of course here within our own government, our own shadow government, or continuity of government program, to be specific. You would also need high level players in certain agencies as well, but I think that definition is much closer to what actually happened than its an inside job or Al-Qaeda.”

Q: Are people today more interested in the events of 9/11, or less so?
Bermas: “If you can get someone to sit down and look at some things, depending on who they are, even if they think their mind is made up about things, I think you can make a difference. Mainstream media is ignoring the truth on this 20th anniversary of 9/11. Its coverage doesn’t include anything outside the official narrative. We will see if Spike Lee holds his ground on his questioning of it in his film being released on September 11, 2021.”

Meanwhile, Loose Change: The Final Cut continues to be a game-changer for millions of skeptical Americans and people worldwide. Growing numbers are legitimately questioning the official narrative that planes brought down three steel-reinforced towers on 9/11. Bermas’ documentaries provide a permanent historical record that connects us more meaningfully to the actual context of those events that inevitably better informs us through time.

We owe those who lost their lives, and their families, our resolute loyalty and support in uncovering the truth because the 9/11 Commission Report is nowhere near it.

Watching Loose Change, some people are taken aback when they learn of the substantial gold stockpiled in the basements of the towers that went missing even though the sites were highly secure, locked down, and hyper-managed (FEMA’s own Building Removal Assessment Team was not allowed onsite to take samples of debris and/or materials, or to access any blueprints – Instead it was allowed one tour of the area, after which 150 pieces of hand-picked steel were all the team was given for its investigative work); or the millions of dollars made in the stock market short-selling stocks of American Airlines; or of World Trade Towers’ new owner Larry Silverstein cashing in on several billions thanks to insurance coverage obtained less than a year earlier that specifically included damages from terrorist acts; or the SEC offices housed in WTC7 that contained financial fraud investigations; and a plethora of other “What are the odds?” scenarios that benefited a handful of individuals and interests.

WTC7 Won’t Go Away

For other people, watching Loose Change: The Final Cut’s brilliant analysis of World Trade Center Building 7’s (WTC7) free fall straight down into its own footprint in less than 10 seconds, jars their certainty that debris from the other two towers ignited fires on various floors of WTC7 and caused its collapse. Loose Change provides visual confirmation by comparing WTC7’s free fall to other controlled demolitions around the country in side-by-site demonstrations, convincingly debunking the 9/11 Report’s nonsensical version of things, as well it should.

What never fails to amaze, however, is that same certainty is harder to dislodge when it comes to the two towers, even though they too collapsed into their own footprints in less than 10 seconds, exactly as WTC7 had done. No other explanation begins to explain this other than controlled demolitions of these massive steel-reinforced towers. Nothing.

Bermas: It took me some time for world center towers one and two to be considered as controlled demolitions even when I started my research. Seven was quite obvious when I first did it, when I was first looking at all this stuff. And that is why I sympathize with those who aren’t ready for it still. They just haven’t looked enough at the information. I came into all of it skeptical and wanting to disprove my government had lied to me in any respect on this. Unfortunately, after I did my research, the complete opposite became very very clear. I have no vested interest in my government being evil.”

And that’s where the horror begins to set in. The terrible events of 9/11 and the epic suffering that followed for thousands of families and loved ones was orchestrated not just by foreign terrorists, but by terrorists within our own government and business community. The amount of planning, coordination, and subterfuge necessarily included many who had no part in the conspiracy, unwittingly performing their jobs as honorable men and women. They have zero blame in any of this as long as they did not know. However, if any suspected, or learned afterward of plots, plans, or useful pieces of the puzzle yet have remained silent, then accountability is inevitable, whether in this life or another.

Loose Change: The Final Cut has numerous mind-blowing revelations, but in the end it’s the accumulation of so many individual immutable discoveries that, taken in their aggregate, simply defy the overly simplistic 9/11 Commission Report.

Add to this the unrelenting lack of transparency by our government to release the lion’s share of video footage, audio tapes, photos, documents, testimonies, testing samples of debris … almost everything evidentiary is out of reach for the public. What possible justification could there be for such censorship and denial of access after all this time, let alone when it might have made a real difference?

For example, according to the film, the New York Department of Design & Construction contracted just four companies for the entire removal of debris from ground zero, including everything but a few scraps of steel, and shipped it all to China where it could never be independently investigated/analyzed (except by China). The sheer enormity of that effort to control and conceal evidence, coupled with an overly classified status that persists 20 years later, is its own indictment that something is dreadfully wrong with the official story.

Which brings us back to the ugly admission: Members of our government have a sordid history of deceiving us, including deliberately jeopardizing our health, as Loose Change: The Final Cut so adroitly reminds us. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in league with then-president George W. Bush’s White House, ignored the dangerous safety hazards at ground zero, instead encouraging New Yorkers to return to all economic and social activities in that highly toxic zone.

For months, the EPA, clad in hazmat suits, allowed children, teachers, clean-up crews, law enforcement, fire fighters, and anyone else who so desired to access schools, offices, work zones, all in flimsy cloth masks that did nothing to protect them from over 185,000 tons of debris, including the release of over 500 tons of pulverized asbestos, lead, chromium, copper, cement, glass dust, mercury, and barium that permeated ground zero and the surrounding areas.

Jason’s film demonstrates that the EPA and White House knew the air was unsuitable for human consumption, yet repeatedly encouraged people to resume their daily lives, knowing it was largely unsafe. These leaders deliberately mislead thousands of people into believing it was safe to reoccupy ground zero’s surrounding neighborhoods via a campaign of news releases and targeted propaganda. By 2006, 70 percent of the 40,000 workers there had respiratory problems, hundreds developed cancer, and 80 had died.

9/11 Propaganda Trained Americans to Accept Official Narratives, Including COVID Narrative

What benefit could possibly be derived from sending additional innocents needlessly into harms way at ground zero? No amount of imagining can resolve this particular atrocity for most of us.

This same question looms large as we discover pre-COVID simulations of coronavirus pandemics, Crimson Contagion, Event 201, and SPARS. All three envision a relentless messaging campaign via trusted voices, media, and social-media influencers to “flood” populations with scripted, sophisticated, psychosocial programming to elicit highly emotional predetermined subjective responses. And has it worked relative to COVID. The intense fear running through half of the population over a virus that 99.97 percent of humans survive is irrational and heartbreaking because it is engineered and implemented by the media and funded by both government and corporate subsidies.

This immobilizing fear is further undermined by a healthcare system that does not provide early treatment using any number of therapeutics that boast spectacular successes, instead favoring no treatment until the patient is so ill, he/she lands in the hospital and is ventilated as a last resort. This protocol has been employed largely unsuccessfully for over 18 months as patients’ chances for survival are less than 25 percent if untreated then ventilated, especially if elderly or have high-risk comorbidities. On a positive note, monoclonal antibody infusions are proving to be a notable success and are becoming available nationwide.

After 9/11, America was a country almost completely unified in solidarity against an enemy who had struck our homeland. We rallied to New Yorkers with resolution that reflected our patriotism and love of fellow countrymen. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t object, or even notice the real lurking homeland enemies as they moved swiftly to absorb power and advance a long-term agenda to transform our Republic and undermine constitutional protections of our rights with intrusive surveillance legislation and administrative procedures.

Every time a hostile event occurs, our so-called representatives use it to absorb a little more of our power for themselves. Politicians, bureaucrats, almost all failed surrogates, continue to look for our line and we continue to oblige them by crossing over. After 9/11, we were saddled with the USA Patriot Act, a gross government overreach that was supposed to be temporary and became abusive out of the gate, violating privacy rights, due process, and abuse of processes by engaging the private-sector tech monopolies to spy and collect endless data on Americans en masse. Fast forward 20 years, and members of our government act with ever greater malfeasance due to an increasing lack of transparency, accountability, and sophisticated social engineering. Enough.

Today, the abuse can be found in the current “emergency management” overreach that grants authorities to politicians and unelected bureaucrats that are not permitted under our constitution. However, because so few of us understand how our rights are protected from government interference, we are idle against the violations that are committed with impunity.

COVID is the next excuse for the predator class (globalists) assuming more authority under the umbrella of emergency management (EM). EM is a construct that must be challenged as unconstitutional and abuse of power. COVID is a blip on the screen in terms of a much larger agenda to grant ever increasing authorities (such as mandates for masks, vaccines, confinement … use your imagination) over aspects of our lives through control of healthcare, social, and financial well-being through conformity, securing people’s increasing submission and assimilation under medical tyranny first that has powerful natural allies in a technologically advanced society. The window to avoid this global social engineering is closing very fast. Therefore, it’s time for a personal assessment of what you actually know, what you truly want, and what are you willing to do about it.

It helps to know that the protections of our rights are not gone; no government can legitimately or legally take constitutional protections of our rights from us without our willing consent via constitutional amendment(s). It’s that we no longer challenge the government when it does violate our rights, and without challenges, government is free to abuse us all it wants. Who can blame it?

Rights can never be taken away, regardless of government intent. We can relinquish our rights by ceasing to protect them ourselves. Protections (law) of our rights (innate) as defined in our constitution can be ignored by our government, and that, too, must be defended against. Our rights and the protection of them are one in the same in that both must be insisted upon, fought for, and no quarter must be given. Remember the representatives trying to usurp power are also endowed with the same rights as we are. They risk much against a vigilant people, and little against civic sloths.

Please see the companion piece to this article, Have Our Freedoms Fallen Faster Than the Third Tower on 9/11? by Reader publisher Todd McGreevy. 
And, please see the Reader’s coverage of Loose Change from 2006, The Secret Histories of 9/11.