Prominent small off-road engine manufacturers across the world include Yanmar, Briggs & Stratton Engines, Honda Motor, Kohler Co., Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Lifan Industry, Motorenfabrik Hatz., Chongqing Fuchai Industry Group, Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd., Kubota Corporation, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Pune, India, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The global small off-road engine market size is poised to register substantial growth during the forecast period due to strong investments in landscaping and gardening. The demand for all-terrain vehicles, along with the presence of leading product manufacturers, has added fillip to the industry. A slew of residential and commercial projects has furthered the penetration of small off-road engines (SOREs), complementing the trend for zero-emission equipment.

Industry participants are expected to seize opportunities in the following potential trends across major markets in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific:

  1. Single cylinder-based engines exhibit growth potential in North America

Of late, single-cylinder has become sought-after among the U.S. population in low-displacement small off-road engines, partly attributed to a compact size and lightweight applications. Notably, single cylinder has gained traction in demanding environments on the back of strong wear resistance, high durability, and durability. In terms of revenue, the single cylinder-based small off-road engine segment held more than 25% share of North America market in 2020, and a robust outlook is projected through 2027.

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  1. U.S. suppliers witness an uptick for 500cc to 800cc engines

End-users are showing a profound inclination for 500cc to 800cc engines that can provide better valve service life, lesser emissions, and lesser vibration. For instance, 500cc to 800cc engine displacement small off-road engines have become desirable in automotive and construction industries to stimulate concrete saws, power utility automobiles, portable tampers, mortar mixers and golf carts, auguring well for regional growth. North America small-off road engine market size could touch USD 40 billion by 2027.

  1. Gardening and landscaping gain ground in the Asia Pacific

A surging number of gardens and playgrounds in commercial buildings and residential communities is fueling the demand for small off-road engines, especially in China, Australia, and Japan. Burgeoning urbanization has prompted residents to utilize barren social spaces for gardening to boost physical and mental fitness. To illustrate, in 2020, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform gave a green signal to 300 new construction projects—100 infrastructure projects, 100 projects underpinning the development of high-end technological industries; and 100 projects to boost people’s livelihood.

Besides, a rekindled interest in campus gardening, corporate gardening and urban farming has expedited investments in the industry. The gardening/landscaping segment reflected over 50% share of the Asia Pacific market in 2020, a robust projection is likely to be witnessed in the coming years.

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  1. Industrial sectors in APAC bank on small off-road engines

Small engines have found profound traction in industrial sectors, including machinery and equipment. In essence, expansion of the mining sector, as well as rising mineral extraction activities, is fueling the demand for portable generators, auguring well for the business outlook. The APAC small off-road engine market could touch USD 5 billion by 2027; the industrial segment could capture USD 900 million share for the market during the period.

  1. Vertical propeller shaft motors boost value proposition in Europe

Western Europe has exhibited an increased inclination for vertical propeller shaft motors, partly due to the latter’s smooth operations, lightweight design, and efficient propulsion systems. It is worth noting that these motors have set the trend in small electric bicycles, karts, and other equipment. Prominently, vertical drive shaft engines are driving growth potentials through controllability and power in terrains. The Europe market size is likely to surpass USD 20 billion by 2027, fueled largely due to increased demand for lawnmowers, residential mowers, and pressure washers.

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  1. Europe thrives as a lucrative destination for aftermarkets

As aftermarket suppliers grapple to keep up with the emission regulations and guidelines, they have upped investments in small off-road engines. The aftermarket segment in the Europe small off-road engine market is likely to grow at 5.5% CAGR through 2027. The aftermarket has become a desirable distribution channel for the purchase and maintenance of replacement engine parts and will continue to gain upticks for streamlining the supply chain—production, installation, and supply of engines in landscaping, agricultural and industrial equipment.

An unprecedented spike in urban green spaces, including parks, green spaces have bolstered the penetration of edgers, chainsaws and leaf blowers, boding well for the global market share. A sudden rise in the amount of time spent in gardening activities has also spurred buoyancy in the industry. According to the Horticulture Trade Association, an average U.K. household spends approximately USD 150 on garden activities every year. With the rise in retail nurseries and garden centers, small off-road engines will remain instrumental for maintenance activities.

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