Tuthill House is set to be restored after concerned citizens funded the project to save the historic home. 

In 2020, Sioux Falls City Council stated in public meeting it would demolish the home located in Tuthill Park due to a lack of funds needed to repair it, though it had been in use for years as a paid venue for the public.

Thanks to the efforts of neighbors who set out to save it, Tuthill House will start construction in October to renovate and open again by June 2022.

“The city council basically said if you raise the money, you can save the house,” Diane de Koeyer, neighborhood and preservation planner at the City of Sioux Falls said.

The neighborhood quickly formed the Tuthill Park House Restoration Project to raise nearly $300,000 for restoring the home. Now restoration begins in October.

A reopening date has been set for the Tuthill House, as seen on Thursday, September 9, 2021 at Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls.

Beatch Construction is going through the permits and beginning the process of restoring Tuthill House from drab linoleum and other features from its last project in 1993 to a restoration of a more original design when it was built in 1876 by settler William Howie.

There will be outdoor and indoor restorations, notably a reopened second floor with an overall freshened-up but historical look. De Koeyer noted that Siouxland Heritage Museum helped plan out what restoration might look like.