Photo-Realistic Rendering of the Finished Home

Photo-Realistic Rendering of the Finished Home (Rear)

Interior In-Progress

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 / — New England Design & Construction (NEDC) is one of Boston’s top Architectural Design Build creative firms. Specializing in the design and remodel of high-end and luxury homes across Boston—NEDC continuously raises the bar of sustainable design beauty across a city known for its exceptional willingness to innovate and a high regard for the environment.

Construction has now begun on an NEDC Passive House custom retrofit in Somerville, Mass after nearly a year of exact planning and preparation. The project involves the conversion of a standard two-family home into a custom single family Passive House—designed exactly to client taste and planned to generate a carbon footprint of nearly zero.

Passive House retrofits are a trending design approach which require an exacting attention to detail and an enduring love for the environment and this Earth. Invented in 1973 by German Physicist Wolfgang Feist, a Passive House uses approximately 85% less energy through its thermally efficient design.

A Passive House requires 90% less energy than a normal home and uses no heater or air conditioner. Heating occurs passively from the occupant’s body heat, the sun, appliances, and interior lights. This innovative design markedly improves the interior air quality of the home, saves significantly on the heating bill, and is far better for the environment–greatly reducing the home’s carbon footprint.

NEDC Passive House Remodels offer:

· A drastically reduced carbon footprint

· Greatly improved interior air quality

· 90% less energy consumption than a customary home

The positive impact Passive House retrofits can have on the wellbeing of the environment and the health of the occupants is profound and NEDC seeks to help foster this movement.

About NEDC:

NEDC’s Architectural Design-Build process places emphasis on intelligent sustainable design, carefully planned construction, and a transparent cost communication system with clients. Sustainability is a key value and NEDC seeks to design and advise towards this end. Projects typically involve sustainable design and the remodeling of multiple rooms and/or additions with client homes and tastes generally on the high-end and luxury range of the market. NEDC is best set up to deliver projects that include multiple rooms, are trade-specialist intensive, and where highly detailed design with thorough planning is of paramount importance.

This Design Inspiration & Costing Guide is far from an exhaustive list of the types of projects NEDC can deliver–but does represent some of the most common projects NEDC completes. It is shared here as a general guide and rule of thumb based on nearly two decades of experience designing and crafting high-end and luxury sustainable family homes in Boston.

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