Need help with your Florida yard? Here’s how to hire the right pros.

Sometimes you need help keeping the plants in your yard healthy and looking good. Hiring the right pro can make all the difference.

Florida is home to more than 49,000 landscaping businesses. Nationwide, roughly 300,000 workers are employed in this industry and the projections show continued growth.

Gardening companies vary by size and what types of services they offer. This can make hiring the right person a confusing task at best. Just as you would not build a home by yourself or even hire just one expert, many outside spaces require a team of experienced workers to implement the plan. To help navigate around the gardening world of hire, some basic knowledge is useful.

What’s the difference between a floriculturist and a horticulturist?

Floriculturists lean toward a retail or marketing stance when working exclusively with flowers and plants. Many floriculturists are floral wholesalers and designers that arrange, market and merchandise fresh flowers and plants.