Bring The Vibes To Your Own Backyard With These Design Tips

Bring The Vibes To Your Own Backyard With These Design Tips
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Now that “outside” is back in full swing, many have realized how expensive it truly is to spend time outside of our homes. With restrictions still in place in many cities, and event protocols still changing as a result of the pandemic, designing and maintaining a relaxation haven in your own home has become more important than ever — especially in a time of uncertainty. Thanks to “backyarding” – the trend to use the backyard for everything from tele-working and working out to relaxing and recreating – you can take your space and use it for whatever purpose that you choose.

Though we’re midway through summer, there are still tons of must-have items that will transform an outdoor space of any size into a total oasis. Identifying your backyard’s role in your family’s health and happiness is the key to cultivating a purposeful outdoor space that is customized to your needs. 

No matter what the purpose is, there are a few key essentials to creating the ultimate backyard space: comfortable seating, versatile lighting for hosting or WFH, a shaded are to keep you cool on those sunny summer days and of course, some added decor to help spruce up the place, such as funky planters, a colorful rug or some whimsical string lights. Add in those simple elements and you’ve got a space you’ll want to return to each day (or night). 

To foster an inviting atmosphere, combine outdoor furniture, decor, landscaping, and other elements that suit your style and needs. Here are some of our favorite products — all that you can buy from Amazon — to transform your backyard into a place of escape where you can unwind, enjoy some fresh air, and have fun with friends and family.