Comfort was a central theme in the living room. Sharp lines are softened by the use of round edges in the furniture that they selected to put in this room.

Credit: Christopher Oquendo/AJC Special

Credit: Christopher Oquendo/AJC Special

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Minimalist is recognized as the fashionable interior of 2022, but it’s not complete minimalism. This trend is more about minimal decoration and furniture use, making room for air and free space.

Minimalism also ties in with color, the website states. “A soft palette in beige and gray is very relevant today in such rooms.”


Spending so much time indoors has shown us how important it is to bring elements of the outdoors inside. The most popular textures? Stone, onyx, marble, granite and light wood. The materials can be used in decoration and furniture. Don’t forget textiles. Linen, cotton and ceramics will complete the picture.

Home gardening will grow out of this trend. Whether growing herbs and vegetables or just surrounding your space with potted plants, nature will be prominent in 2022 homes.


Office space

The pandemic has shown, according to Interior Decor Trends, that working at the kitchen table or on the sofa can be inconvenient and potentially bad for your health. Even with vaccinations, COVID-19 variants have many people continuing to work from home. The need for a comfortable home office becomes acute. If no renovation is planned soon, try rearranging the furniture to free a corner or space for a small desk and chair. It’s important the space is well lighted, either by a window or a lamp.

Credit: Christopher Oquendo Photography

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